September 4th, 2005


Rhythm & Roots

I had too much going on this weekend to go to the Rhythm & Roots festival in Rhode Island (although I know christychristy and Dennis are there), but given that there are often a bunch of Cajun and Zydeco performers there, it's not surprising that Katrina is on everyone's mind there. There's a story in the Providence Journal about it which I think is good reading: You can log in using '' and 'password'.

The Randy Newman song 'Louisiana 1927' is mentioned in the article; it's a song that has been going through my head for the past few days. Last night I finally gave in and listened to it. Very sad.

My father asked me if any benefits were planned in Providence. Does anyone know of any? (If it's a musical benefit I would expect it to be after this weekend, since so many musicians and music lovers are at Rhythm & Roots right now.) They were sending people around with roller skates asking for flood relief donations at Roller Derby on Friday ...

Update: According to the Rhythm & Roots website: "In addition, after the festival, Lagniappe Productions will be presenting a benefit concert at Rhodes-on-Pawtuxet to benefit the Louisiana Musicians Relief Fund. Artists, date and time TBA."