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September 12th, 2005


The great debate

After last night's RISA 'songwriters in the round' thingie, I had a discussion with Chris and Bridget about the theme for next month in which I said that I didn't see what the big problem was with having robots as a theme, since I myself have written two songs about robots and I could pretty easily think of two other songs, not written by me, that are about robots: 'Yoshimi vs. the Pink Robots' and 'Iron Man'.

This led to a brief debate as to whether 'Iron Man' is about a robot or not. I say that he is, at least for the purposes of a songwriting contest, because he's made of steel and goes around killing all humans and all. Chris wasn't so sure, though, noting that while he was turned to steel (in the great magnetic field) it wasn't like he was manufactured; if you disassembled him you wouldn't find circuit boards or anything.

(Later, I thought of They Might Be Giant's 'Robot Parade', which I really should have thought of immediately.)

So what do you think? Should 'Iron Man' be considered a song about robots or not? Also, are there other songs about robots (other than ones I have written and the three mentioned above) out there?

Let the debate begin!
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Apologies to cadmiumredgirl

Here's a sample square I made to make sure that the pattern I came up with would actually look OK rendered in yarn:
arrrrrrrrCollapse )
The border (which I included to keep the square from curling) is maybe a little over-elaborate.
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