September 13th, 2005

accordion santa

wrist worries

I've noticed that my right wrist has been a little sore for the past couple of weeks. It is mostly noticeable in situations where it is particularly extended, such as when I'm playing a wide piano chord with that hand.

I read a little on the web about RSI and I think maybe it isn't that, but maybe it is. The things that I spend a lot of time doing are computery stuff, playing music, and knitting, all of which put strain on the wrists, so.

The question of how to deal with this arises. So:

- I am going to cut substantially down on my knitting for a while, until I see a doctor or until I feel better. There is one project that I have to get done by October 13, but it's almost done anyway, so there is no rush on it and I might just set it aside for a couple of weeks, particularly since it's on #2 needles. (Smaller needles seem to be a lot harder for me to work with, and I sort of wonder if my rush to finish the Debbie Bliss 4-ply baby sweater of dqqm precipitated this little problem.)

- After the October 1 show I might stop doing music for a while. I haven't decided about this exactly. This may be something I need to ask a doctor about.

- I will pay more attention to walking again, as I have been slacking off in that area some in recent weeks, and walking is exercise (which is good for RSI-type stuff I gather) and also will be time when I'm not using my wrists for anything much.

- I will try to make an appointment to see a doctor this week (which I should do anyway as I'm due for a checkup).

So there it is. I'm making this post partly so that people who are used to seeing me with walking around with knitting needles everywhere will know why I don't have them, and also to see if other people who have experience with these sorts of problems think I'm on the right track or not.

(I should say that this isn't particularly painful right now; at worst it's a bit of a distraction at times. I'm mainly worried that it will get worse.)