September 14th, 2005

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A nice evening

Yesterday evening cgoldfish and I went to A Stitch Above, where we picked up a couple of skeins of merino for a hat.

We tried grocersfreezer to see if she was up for something, but she was recovering from a sore throat and was napping. (Sorry for waking you up,grocersfreezer, and feel better soon.) We had decided to go see The Brothers Grimm, but the only local showings were at 9:20 pm or thereabouts, so we had some time to kill -- so we walked to the Red Fez where we had cheese-related dishes and got decent scores on the 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not' pinball machine.

After that we walked to the mall, watched the movie, and walked home.

The Brothers Grimm was OK. It sort of reminded me of Sleepy Hollow. Probably only really necessary viewing for the Gilliam completist, but that more or less describes me, so I was glad I saw it. (As we were leaving one of the people behind us said, "That movie was wierd," but really it wasn't quite weird enough, I would say.) The spider horse was pretty creepy.

All in all, it was a pleasant evening with a good friend.
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Hoochie, CEO

While cgoldfish and I were walking home last night we were discussing hoochies (as is our wont) and I was thinking about this phenomena:

Jesus, CEO/God is my CEO

and the 'Chicken Soup for the [x] Soul' thing. So your assignment if you choose to accept it is to write an excerpt from 'Hoochie, CEO' or 'Chicken Soup for the Hoochie Soul' or something along those lines. What do you think?
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    WFMU - Freeform Radio the Way it Oughta Be!!
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Hmm. Practice has been postponed.

I was going to have music practice tonight, but Chris Monti's got a family obligation going on, so it's been postponed to Thursday or Friday. (If Thursday I will still have time to go to SNB for an hour or so.)

This leaves me with an evening unexpectedly free. I'm going to go for a walk at some point, but right now I'm thinking I'll wait an hour or two to give things a chance to cool down a little (I've had a headache for much of the afternoon and it's mostly gone now but I still am not too psyched about exposing it to the heat). Is anyone interested in walking, and maybe dining, with me this evening?

In the meantime I will be safely ensconced in the one room in my apartment that has air conditioning.