September 20th, 2005


Musical craziness

First, the reminder:

Chris Monti and I will be playing at the Providence Street Painting Festival on Saturday September 24 (postponed from last weekend), weather permitting.

Assuming the lineup is the same as it was supposed to be last week, Chris will be playing a short solo set at 1:30 pm and then he and I will play together for an hour starting at 5 pm. It will be at the Bank of America Skating Arena downtown (the same place as roller derby). The festival seems like a neat idea and worth checking out.

Next, the bad news:

I had booked my cousin David to play on October 1 (along with me and Andrea Lafazia) at West Side Arts. Unfortunately, he won't be able to make it.

Finally, the good news:

djswifty a.k.a. Stephen Swift a.k.a. MC Copulation has agreed to step in and play that night. West Side Arts hasn't given their signoff on this substitution yet, but if all goes well (and I am crossing my fingers, which makes it difficult to type) he'll be making his Providence debut, which will be really awesome if it happens. Watch this space for updates!

Also, I need a haircut.
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Other craziness

My landlord informed me this morning (confirming something he told me last month) that tomorrow morning, possibly as early as 8:30 am, some nice men will be coming to my apartment and replacing all my windows. This will be a very good thing, but it meant that tonight I had to make sure that all my windows were accessible (and not, say, hidden behind a large table with all my stereo equipment on it), and it also means that I will have to get up early tomorrow to take a shower and move my bed and take down all the curtains.

Which I am not complaining about, because new windows will be great, and also this will motivate me to finally give my entire apartment the gigantic cleaning that it has needed for so long.

It has revealed to me, however, that I own an awful lot of random stuff.

OK, now to bed! Good night, friends.
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Window replacement

Today some workmen came and replaced the fourteen windows in my apartment. This was quite welcome, as the old ones were not in very good shape and did not do a particularly good job keeping the elements out. (My landlord said that they were 110 years old.)

I took some pictures, so if you are interested in such things for some reason, here they are.

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The upshot is that my rent will be going up $50/month, but I think it will be worth it this winter, especially given what heating costs are likely to be.
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