September 21st, 2005

bunny ears

Plea for assistance

Where would you go to get plain black tee shirts in Providence and environs? I have tried a few places, but it appears that Providence is in the middle of a Great Black Tee Shirt Drought, so my attempts so far have been unsuccessful.

(Specifically I tried a bunch of places at the Providence Place Mall and also the Job Lot on Reservoir Avenue in Cranston.)

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accordion santa

OK, it is time

for me to admit that I will never watch any of my videotapes and should get rid of all (or almost all) of them. Does someone want to look through them for some reason or should I just put them out on the curb? (Is there a third option that's better?)

I've got a bunch of Mystery Science Theater 3000, some random movies, and a bunch of recorded TV shows of various stripes, probably mostly recorded in 1995-1999.
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