September 22nd, 2005

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Ask Amy

The Chicago Tribune has a column called Ask Amy. (Some of the column gets reprinted in the Providence Journal, which is how I became aware of it.) One of the questions in the current column caught my eye:
Dear Amy: My ex-boyfriend from a few years ago just got married.Collapse )
I won't bother you with the answer, which is about what you would expect, but perhaps you all can come up with some good answers of your own. (Putting on my bad advice hat, I would recommend that she cut off her ear and send it to him. It can't hurt, right? I mean, apart from physically, obviously.)

Now here's a kind of a dull question, but Amy's answer is pretty awesome:
Dear Amy: My son is having a difficult time, and I would like your advice on how to best help him.

Collapse )

Dear Mom: You've done all of the right things for your son. Now you need to step back a bit and let his fraternity brothers take over.Collapse )
The first two sentences of Amy's response alone are pretty remarkably great, but the John Cusack recommendation pushes it over the edge to immortality.
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"What the hell, it's close enough" department

While cleaning my apartment, I came across a medal that I find every few years and otherwise mostly forget.

When I was in sixth grade, I was in little league. At the end of the year, everyone on the team got a medal with a nice picture of someone up at bat on the front:

medal front

and on the back, an approximation of the player's name:

medal back: HOLLAND 1984 JACOB HALER

Getting this medal was a great honor.
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let the record show

that Millie Goldsmith is one cute kitty. I hope that soon she will get the courage to go more than ten feet away from her litterbox.


The need to pet cute cats ended up overriding the need to go to snbprov, so unfortunately I ended up missing that.

Mmmm, cute kitties.