September 29th, 2005



Saturday, October 1st at the Columbus Theatre, 270 Broadway, 9 pm to Midnight, Jacob Haller sings songs of insects, love, robots, kittens, & other 21st century problems.  FREE SHOW!  Also playing: Andrea Lafazia & MC Copulation

That's a special web-only version of the poster, because I love you all very much.

So yeah, show on October 1, which I am sort of freaking out about, but it will be good. I'm not sure if I will be first, second, or third on -- I'm hoping djswifty (aka MC Copulation) will go on last, because I can't imagine any acoustic singer-songwriter wanting to go on after that sort of upbeat awesomeness, but the order probably won't be decided until the night of the show.

I was thinking about putting together a CD of my recordings so far to be available at the show, but I think I won't have time to put together a cover that is even decent enough for my own declining standards. However, we will see!

I am informed by CMonti that West Side Arts records all of its shows, so I am hoping I will be able to get a CD of the performance afterwards, so that is neat.

Which brings me to: Dinner Saturday October 1 at the Red Fez at 6 pm. I don't have to be at the Columbus Theatre until 8 pm, so there should be time for a nice leisurely dinner with whoever wants to be there. As far as where, maybe the Red Fez or Julian's or someplace; I'm open to suggestions. The Red Fez seems like the popular choice for where to do this. Let me know if you're interested!
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