October 20th, 2005


Music next week

There's going to be a great show at the Mediator Church not far from Roger Williams Zoo [directions] on Friday, October 28. If you don't have any other plans I think it will really be worth checking out.

There will be three acts, plus, um, me. In order they will be:

- During setup -- Chris has asked me to play some nice piano music from around quarter past 6 pm so that there will be music while the rest of the sound equipment is set up. I'll play all instrumentals.

- 7 pm -- Chris Monti opens. I'll sit in with him for the last 4-5 songs.

- 8 pm -- Paul Geremia goes on. He's one of the great living country blues guitar players -- just really, really good. Hopefully he'll play a few piano tunes too!

- 9 pm -- Chris Turner, Rachel Maloney, and the Wholebellies play last. Chris and Rachel are a husband and wife team (he plays harmonica and a few other instruments, she plays fiddle) and they always put on a great show. The Wholebellies are an acoustic band they put together that features all sorts of instruments, from the guitar to the accordion to the diggerido, and they're always a lot of fun.

There isn't a cover charge per se, but there is a $7 'suggested donation'. (If you can't afford it, come anyway and don't worry about it.) Hope you can make it!