November 30th, 2005


This coming Friday (Dec. 2) Evening

I posted about this the other week, but it's worth reiterating:

Friday, December 2 is Chris Monti's birthday, and he's celebrating by having another show at the Mediator Church in south Providence.

The Mediator's address is 50 Rounds Avenue in Providence, RI, and there are directions on their website.

The show will start at 7 pm and will be done at 10 pm. There will be three acts: Chris himself (he'll play a few songs with me and a few songs with percussionist Ed Demille), the Waylanders (a local bluegrass band), and the Wholebellies (who are a little hard to describe but are a hell of a lot of fun). I'm not sure what the order will be.

People are encouraged to bring food and drink. If it works like the last show, there will be plenty of both.

There is no cover charge, but there is a suggested donation of $7. (If you don't think you can afford it don't worry about it though.)
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