December 8th, 2005

accordion santa

The Digestion Dance

I apologize for the bizarro format that these video clips are in, which I'm not sure what it is, but Quicktime Player seems to be able to play them OK. You might have to right-click on them, download them to your hard drive, and then open them in something to view them.

Anyway, here's an initial attempt at the Digestion Dance:

and here's a discussion of how it should actually be done:

Also, I appear to have ended up with someone's fudge. donutgirl maybe? If so, and you want to meet for lunch tomorrow or something, I can give it to you then. Otherwise, I will eat it, but probably not tonight.

Also, I bought some gummi bologna tonight:

Collapse )

The note on the upper right part of the package is a little hard to read in the picture, but it says 'FOR BEST QUALITY, OPEN PACKAGE AND EAT THEM ALL'.