December 14th, 2005

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Having driven around some of the backroads in Providence tonight, I am impressed at how, five days after it snowed, many of them still have long stretches which are covered in sheer ice. Is Providence unfamiliar with the use of sand in such circumstances? The sidewalks are even worse.

I don't look forward to trying to get around after the first really big snowstorm.
accordion santa

Thursday plans

I just asked for tomorrow off as a vacation, because I have a bunch of stuff I want to get done for HMas and it will give me some peace of mind if I can get a bunch out of the way.

So, what will I do if I actually succeed in getting the day off?

1) Get more yarn. Need another color, plus some more of one of the colors I already have. (Incidentally, if anyone wants to go along on a trip to Yarns at Lace Wings tomorrow during the day, let me know and we can coordinate.)

2) Get cookies supplies and start churning cookies out.

3) Knit, knit, knit.

4) Possibly try to get Chris to come over and practice during the day, so I can spend more time at SNB in the evening.

We shall see.

Anyway, this will probably mean that I have some flexibility in the area of lunch, if anyone is interested.

Right now I must take out the trash.

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