December 30th, 2005


glue dream

I had a dream last night in which me and a bunch of knitting folks were discussing the practice of sniffing glue, and I then produced a little round box which I jokingly claimed was used for sniffing glue, and a few of us then acted out a scene from Pulp Fiction using the little box and changing all the heroin references to glue references.

The only other thing I remember about the dream was that during the conversation I kept waiting for the opportunity to use a funny line that I thought up, but the opportunity somehow never arose. The line was, 'Don't worry, I just sniff glue medicinally.'

accordion santa

Podcast list

I just wrote this in a response to a post by donutgirl, but I thought it was worth posting the list of podcasts I listen to here too. I hope that some of these are of interest. If any of you listen to podcasts too and have any recommendations to make in return, please do!

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