January 14th, 2006

accordion santa


I went to get my hair cut today in Cranston, and in front of the cellular phone store next door was an air-powered giant inflatable smiling cellphone with arms.

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I also took a little video so you all can appreciate its full flapping awesomeness. You will probably have to right-click on it and then save it to your hard drive to view it. I am not sure what software is required to play .3gp files (although my Quicktime installation seems to handle it OK).

Nick-A-Nees revisited

Yup, Chris and I are playing at Nick-A-Nees again on Thursday. Woot!

The Killdevils Thursday January 19 9 pm at Nick-A-Nees, 75 South Street in Providence, RI

To get there from the East Side, go west down Wickenden Street (towards the river), pass over the Point Street Bridge, go through the light, take a right at the stop sign (onto Richmond Street), then take the next left (onto South Street). Nick-a-Nees is the rectangular building with the mural on your right.

Last time I think my friends were there mostly from the middle of the first set to the end of the second set (9:30-11 or maybe a little before) -- does that sound about right? When we talk about the set list I will try to move up some of the material that we saved for the third set last time.

Also, I'll probably be out tacking up posters on Wickenden Street tomorrow (Sunday) or Monday if anyone is interested in joining me.