January 24th, 2006


February 6 show: a correction

Earlier I said that the solo show on the 6th would be free, but as it turns out ... well, I will let West Side Arts Steve explain:
Just to let you know that for those of you booking shows, we are going to be charging people a $3 cover to get in. The good news is whatever is taken in from that goes to YOU! It is our way of saying thanks for being part of the westsideARTS community! I am still waiting to hear back from some of you regarding booking Monday nights, so let me know!
I've updated my earlier post so that all of the information there is now correct.
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gig bag

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a gig bag for my accordion (thanks to annarama for advising me to do this), and today it arrived.

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This is a nice improvement on the accordion case that my accordion came with, which is big, bulky, and very musty-smelling (although probably better protection in some situations).
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More Nick-A-Nees gigs; man, I'm sure doing a lot of music stuff!

Chris just called me to say that he talked to the owner of Nick-A-Nees and she has booked us for two more shows, on Thursday February 2 and Thursday February 16 at 9 pm. Excellent!

I've been posting about a lot of music stuff lately and some of it has been out of order, so here is a quick guide to what's going on:

Thursday, February 29 pm to midnightThe Killdevils (me and Chris Monti)Nick-A-Nees (75 South Street, Providence, RI)No cover
Monday, February 69 pm to 11 pmJake solo.
Chris Rosenquest and Chris Monti also will be playing
The Arsenal (176 Benefit Street, Providence, RI)$3 cover.
Saturday, February 117 pm to 10 pmThe Killdevils open for Paul GeremiaThe Church of the Mediator (50 Rounds Street, Providence, RI)TBA
Thursday, February 169 pm to midnightThe KilldevilsNick-A-Nees (75 South Street, Providence, RI) No cover
Sometime in late AprilTBAHouse party with me, Chris Monti, and MC CopulationMy apartmentNone; pass the hat