February 3rd, 2006



Thanks to saucypunk and crazyanimallady for showing up to the show -- I really appreciate it!

It was a fun show and I think we played well.

Also, lots of people have been making great CD labels for me (I got yours in the mail today, ceruleanst -- thanks!). I definitely need to scan them in before I sell them and they disperse to the four winds; I'll try to do that to the ones I've gotten so far Friday evening or Saturday.

Time to go to bed. Good night!


Last night Chris and I performed a few songs which we had never played in public before. One of those songs was 'Walk the Line'.

We got through it OK (I sang), but it wasn't particularly exciting, so I thought afterwards that we should probably give it a rest for a while. But no big deal, we moved on to the next song, etc.

At the end of the set break the jukebox volume get turned back up and the songs that had been ordered up before we started playing became audible. What was playing? Johnny Cash singing 'Walk the Line'.

(and before the end of the set break we got to hear it again, too.)