February 9th, 2006



I had a dream last night where me and a few people I know (but I'm not sure if they were people from real life or not) got transferred to a different world where we had to find our way around. There was a place where people could go for shelter and food; it had sort of gambling machines on the walls that were sort of like slot machines; after a few days they activated and you could pull a lever and money might come out.

You might get a bunch (or a little) of coins all at once, or it might instead shell out a few coins at a time every few minutes all day -- the idea was that if you got a slow machine and stuck with it for a while you would get more money than if you hopped from machine to machine and concentrated on the quick fix, so this was some sort of attempt to reward patience.

What happened instead was that some people (not people I knew from Earth) jumped from machine to machine, then pushed aside the people who were waiting at their slot machines and took their money, then started fighting among themselves over the money they had acquired.

Since there didn't seem to be anything to buy around there it all seemed kind of pointless, so we left them to it.

We swam across a cove to a castle where I was mistaken for someone important who, I think, was supposed to be dead, and so we were taken in and instantly got enmeshed in castle politics. I don't remember a lot of details about this, but at some point there was a murder, and everyone started suspecting everyone else. At some point I did something that resulted in everyone distrusting me -- they didn't think I was the killer (although maybe they weren't sure either way) but they were kind of disgusted with me and didn't want to be around me any more. (I don't remember what I did, but I think it was something innocent, or maybe slightly jerky but you know not that bad, which events conspired to build into apparent assholery of stupendous dimensions.) So the rest of the dream was me going around this weird, unfamiliar castle trying to talk to my friends and having them all snub me. Then I woke up.
accordion santa


I want to make little presents for people who made CD covers for me, a project which realistically will take about a year, but that's OK, right?

Anyway, I finished the first one today during my lunch break: a Domo-kun for christychristy which I will give her tonight. (She's filtered out of this post, by the way.)

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I think it came out pretty well! It is a little tricky getting the Domo-kun to stand up, but it is possible. I hope Christy likes it.

trip to Yarns at Lace Wings

I need to get some yarn so I can start work on what I guess I'll call a variation on this pattern. Tomorrow and Saturday don't look possible, so I figure I'll go Sunday afternoon afternoon. Is anyone interested in joining me, either to get yarn themselves or to browse and help me pick out good yarn?

In that connection, the pattern calls for 8-ply yarn. [Edit: samantha2074 explains that this is the British term for DK yarn.] Is there another name for this, or is the way you get 8-ply yarn is by getting two skeins of 4-ply and knitting two strands at once? (Or am I totally off either way?)
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