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February 12th, 2006

accordion santa

The question is ...

having woken up, and not really feeling like going immediately back to bed, is it worth going outside and doing a round of shoveling?

Answer: probably not, but it can't hurt.

An update on how this works out for me will be forthcoming.


Yeah, pretty pointless -- there was maybe an inch of snow and we're supposed to get 10-18, so I doubt I'll even be able to tell when I get up next that I did anything (especially since it's supposed to be pretty windy too).

Anyway, I took a few pictures. They probably aren't that interesting except as a comparison with whatever comes later.

picsCollapse )

Show notes

I'm still not tired, so a few quick notes about last night's show.

Turnout was pretty light, I assume because people were worried about getting caught in the snow. (In the event, there wasn't any snow until 11 or so, and that was really light.) Chris did a pretty good job publicizing it, and there were several occasions when I would mention the show to someone only to learn that they had already heard about it through the grapevine, so I don't think there was a problem there.

Other than that, things went really well. Chris and I played for about 45 minutes and had a good time, Paul showed up on time and played from 8:30 to 10 pm (including a few songs on my piano), doing a really good job -- we had a good time and the folks who came did too.

A note about the economics of all thisCollapse )

I sold two copies of my CD, one to a guy named Steve who comes to a lot of these shows and one to Caleb, who also provided me with a couple of CD labels a couple of weeks back.
Van Halen


Incidentally, I did scan in the CD labels that people made for me. If you want to see them -- and I recommend it, because everyone did a really great job -- you can do so here: http://pics.livejournal.com/jwgh/gallery/00012we9
accordion santa

Take 2

Good lord! Did you know that it's snowing? Why don't you people tell me these things?

second round of photosCollapse )
accordion santa

Checklist for today

[√] Sleeping until 11 am.
[√] [√] [√] Shoveling snow.
[√] Talking to friends on the phone.
[√] Taking warm, soothing bath.
[√] Doing a load of dishes.
[√] Finishing a pillow cover.
[√] Verifying that car still starts.
[√] Going to AS220 and hearing one and a half of the acts.
[√] Working on knitting project.

Left undone:

[] Recording music.
[] Recording another chapter.
[] Practicing accordion.
[] Finishing other pillow cover.
[] Making and consuming hot chocolate.
[] Doing a second load of dishes.
accordion santa

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