February 17th, 2006


This message is dedicated to Jess in the front row

Fun show last night (am I getting repetitive?), despite a couple of technical glitch (the most serious being that the battery in my guitar's pickup died towards the end of the second set). A few knitters showed up and brought friends, which was very nice, and some of them stuck it out until the bitter end, which is impressive for a weeknight. One of crazyanimallady's friends, Jess, asked us for our autographs at the end of the evening.

Between the first and second sets, Chris informed me that the Providence Journal music critic had just walked in. I wasn't entirely sure that I was glad Chris told me this, but I did decide to change the three songs that I was going to do by myself at the beginning of the set; whereas previously I had been thinking 'Now here's a song I haven't done for a while' I instead decided to do the songs that I think I actually do pretty well: 'Leavin' Home' (which is Charlie Poole's take on 'Frankie and Johnny', although I've never heard Charlie Poole's version -- this is another song I learned from my father), 'That'll Never Happen No More', and 'Hybrid Car'.

The ProJo guy was probably just there for a beer, but he was there for the whole of the second set, so he got an earful of us anyway.

Sometime today I have to remember to get the piano out of my car.

Danger! Mouse!

Hey, y'all! Come to my house on Monday at 7:30 and watch the second season of Danger Mouse, including the episode that blew my mind when I was a preteen babysitting djswifty!

I think most of the people who would be interested in this know where I live, but if you want to come but don't know how to get here comment and I'll write some directions up.

Will people have already had dinner, or should I plan to get some pizzas?