March 4th, 2006

Van Halen

Things to do today

(1) Go to music store for supplies. (2) Finish state taxes. (No refund this year -- booo!) (3) Clean apartment. (4) Plan things out for tomorrow's game night/Oscars party. (5) Try to record "Pumpkin, Mrs. Farnsworth" arranged for guitar, accordion, and vocals, but this may or may not work out.

Speaking of which, this is probably as good a time as any to list the recordings I've made for the podcast this week.

  1. Interests are for Jerks (Ink Spots version) [introduction] (March 1, 2006)
  2. Milk Cow Blues (Milk 'Em In The Evening Blues) [introduction] (March 2, 2006)
  3. Avocados and Beer [introduction] (March 3, 2006)
  4. Waterbugs [introduction] (March 4, 2006)

These are all new recordings except for 'Interests are for Jerks' which is an old recording that I don't think I ever let anyone but sanspoof hear before. I hope that people enjoy them!

As I add new stuff to the podcast I'll also update the list at (which I also hope to make prettier and more usable sometime soon). I'll also try to remember to post a list like this every Saturday.

As always, I welcome any feedback.


(no subject)

When my mother got me my accordion the music store threw in two free lessons, lessons which as yet I have not taken. So when I went to the music store today I finally took advantage of this and signed up for my first lesson. It will be Tuesday at 6:30 pm. We'll see how it goes!

Also, I picked up a new microphone and a couple of cables and I think that my recordings will be the better for it and will not be plagued by some of the noise problems that have been a problem on a couple of the podcast recordings, so that is nice.

I had a nice lunch with christychristy at Olga's which was hipster central, and then had a nice walk around the East Side with chaos_are_me, and then I came home and made a new recording of "Pumpkin, Mrs. Farnsworth", so now I'm not sure if I should try recording some more stuff or if it's naptime. We will see.
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