March 6th, 2006

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bucket of smut

WFMU is in its second fundraising week, and one of the things that they have to encourage people to pledge is the bucket of smut, which anyone who pledges $65 or more can try to win.

Originally the bucket contained a fairly modest collection of sex toys, naughty books, and so on, but since then places like Adam & Eve have donated more stuff, so now there's more than a thousand dollars' worth of stuff in the bucket.

Based on discussions at SNB I figure some people out there might be interested in this, so here's how you enter the contest.

1) Pledge $65 or more to WFMU. There's an online form to do this, or you can pledge by phone: (800) 989-9368.

2) Send email to amanda (at) wfmu (dot) org mentioning the bucket of smut.

3) Wait to see if you win.

You'll also get whatever other marathon swag your order entitles you to.

If any of you decide to go for it, I wish you luck!

Chris Monti reports from the road

Hello Yall,

Thing get a bit dicey now and again, but the Tour of the Wang marches on. Paul Geremia has been very gracious and I have been doing opening sets for his shows down here in Florida. The venues so far have been cool, funky places and Paul has drawn a good crowd so I've had a good audience to play for. That I am traveling with Paul and that he has given me generous introductions has helped make the audiences ready to listen. People have been buying CDs and buying me drinks so its looking good on those fronts.

As far as driving, I don't think I've been lost more that 50% of the time. I've only had to stay in the car once and otherwise have been staying in State Parks or RV/tent parks. I haven't been able to stay in State Parks since I hit Florida, tho'--its prime camping time down here and everything is full. I shared one RV park with about 300 bikers. I was the ONLY ONE in the park with out a bike or a bike and a truck. The next two nights I am staying in a park with some Renaissance Fair folks. LOTS of Renaissance Fair folks.

I'm suffering from something called "PB and J Toxicity Syndrome" but I finally found some soy milk so I can finally bust into the 5 pounds of corn and wheat flakes I brought down. It doesn't seem like a good idea to store regular milk in my hot trunk.

That's all for now. I hope you all are well.


ps Went swimming in the ocean the other day, and I've seen some cool birds: whooping cranes, gannets, little blue herons...
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