March 12th, 2006

accordion santa

planning the week

  • Monday:
    • Prepare for show.
      • Change strings on guitar and battery in pickup.
      • Load piano into car.
      • Figure out what to play.
    • Have dinner. Hey, anyone want to have dinner someplace around 6:30 or so? I have to be at the venue at 8 pm to set up.
    • Play show.
  • Tuesday:
    • Make pie.
    • Go to Boston for Bad Movie Night. Bring pie and movie esoterica.
  • Wednesday:
    • Write to Knitty to see if they ever got my dinosaur pattern.
    • Make poster for Thursday show.
    • Drop poster off at Nick-a-Nees.
  • Thursday:
    • Make set list.
    • SNB. Possibly finish cgoldfish's project?
    • Play at Nick-a-Nees.
  • Friday:
    • Drive to New York City for the weekend.