March 21st, 2006


Beach house?

I've been thinking that this summer it might be nice to take a week's vacation and get a beach house somewhere, preferably somewhere close by so that if anyone wanted to come down to spend a couple of days they could do so easily. Is this something that any of you would be interested in getting in on? Does anyone know of an area, or even a particular house, that might be good for this?

Ideally there would be a bunch of bedrooms for people to stay in -- how many depends on how many people are interested in this little project -- and an Internet connection so that people who can work remotely for a day or two could work from there if necessary, but I'm not sure how doable that is. (Also, waiting until March to think about this may not have been my best move -- but hopefully something can be worked out.)

What do you think?

LJ's BBQ Friday

WHEREAS LJ's BBQ reopened last Wednesday and I haven't been there in a while,

AND WHEREAS crazyanimallady's party, which was going to be on Friday, has been postponed, leaving the evening free;

LET US THEREFORE descend on LJ's on Friday and eat lots of barbecue. Who's in? (The word on the street is that they are still settling in to their new location and so are not very organized yet. Still.)

The new location is 727 East Avenue in Pawtucket, RI (in the same plaza as Garden Grille and Barney's Bagels). I should be able to give rides to people who desire them.

Is 7 pm a good time, or is that too early?