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May 7th, 2006

accordion santa

Voice Post: I can hear you

337K 1:46
“Hi, this is Jacob Haller making a phone post from Washington, DC.

I can hear you
Just barely hear you
I can just barely hear you

This is a warning
Step away from the car
This car is protected by Viper

Guess where I am
I'm calling from the plane
I'll call you when I get there

You won't hear a buzz
But I'm buzzing you in
I'm buzzing you in

What's your order?
Yes, I can supersize that
Please bring your car around

I can hear you
Just barely hear you
I can just barely hear you

That's a song by They Might Be Giants.”

Transcribed by: mmcirvin
accordion santa

Voice Post: Visiting DC

421K 2:00
“Hi, I thought I'd make a normal phone post after that last one, so I'm curious if anyone is going to bother to try to transcribe it.

Anyway, I made it down to DC, no problems, got the backpacker guitar on board the plane with no challenges or anything, and I went down to Chinatown in DC which is like two Metro stops away from my hotel, so that's pretty convenient and I'll probably eat there some more later this week. But I met with my friend Greg from college who's asked me to be a groomsman at his wedding next year, which I agreed to do; I met him and his fiancee for dinner. It was very nice, and the one sort of flaw is that for some reason my right foot has started to really hurt; and the arch feels like it's been bruised or strained or something, so I think I'm going to spend the rest of the evening in, maybe take a warm bath and see if that helps me out. Yeah, we'll sort of take it from there.

Regarding that last post, since I'm on the road and I don't really have access to good sound equipment, I thought it might be kind of fun for my podcast to record They Might Be Giants' song, which they originally recorded at the Edison Laboratory in New Jersey on a wax cylinder which made for a really low-fidelity recording; so I thought I would try to reproduce that low fidelity on very up-to-date equipment.

I guess that's it; I hope everyone's doing well up in Providence. I look forward to getting back late Thursday, and if anything's going on Friday I'll probably see some of you then, and if not, Sunday at [??]

So long!”

Transcribed by: mmcirvin
accordion santa

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