May 12th, 2006

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minor update

Work-related guilt has resulted in me switching my flight tomorrow to a much later one, at 9:20 pm. So I guess I won't be seeing any Providence folk until the weekend sometime.

(I'm still not ruling out a Brimfield Flea Market run on Saturday, though, if the weather looks promising.)

If tomorrow's flight gets cancelled it will be very interesting and I am not sure what I will do. (Actually, I guess that's pretty predictable: I will be depressed.)
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(no subject)

Just got off the phone with Cox.

They disconnected my phone because my phone payments were credited towards my cable bill. They sent me a note a few weeks ago saying that they were going to consolidate my phone and cable accounts, so I sent in my payment for both accounts with my cable bill, but in fact they didn't do this, because they don't consolidate bills for accounts that are delinquent, and my account showed up as delinquent because they hadn't consolidated my accounts.

The woman I spoke to said that she would request that the fee they charged for disconnecting my phone be waived, and this request would probably go through, but that this couldn't be guaranteed, because the fee is technically valid, because they did, in fact, disconnect my phone, and there is a fee for that.

Does anyone know when Cox hired Raymond Smullyan?
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Home again.

I have made it safely home. So has my luggage, for those who were wondering.

A postcard from Canada was waiting for me.

I slept on the plane a little, but am not really feeling tired right now. I might go to bed anyway.

It is good to be back.