May 13th, 2006

accordion santa

Phone still not working.

Guess I'll be calling Cox again tomorrow.

Stegosaurus #4 is coming along -- the body is all knitted and partially sewn together. I'm not sure if I will have enough yarn for the legs, but we will see.

Attempts to get the 'Pirates!' books have been unsuccessful. I'm starting to feel kind of ravenous, so I think I might get some food downtown, then go to Borders at the mall to see if they have them.

I had a nice walk with cgoldfish and wazroth earlier, although it ended with a lot of rain. Brrr.

I ordered a bunch of yarn, some of which I plan to use for a suit for the Penfold I'm knitting for katylady74. Unfortunately it arrived while I was out of town, so I will be going to Warwick after work Monday to pick it up. Hopefully it will be suitable!

Worked on a secret project today; not entirely satisfied with it, but I may feel differently tomorrow.

There is an article in the New Yorker (which is also online) about a guy who fell for one of those Nigerian 419 scams. I have wondered who falls for those things and why, so I was interested to read the article. I found this to be a clue early on:
Mbote elaborated on the story to say that Worley’s name was one of ten that he had been given, and that it had been pulled from a hat after much prayer by someone named Pastor Mark. (A more likely possibility is that his e-mail address was plucked from an Internet chain letter, which he received and passed on, that promised a cash reward from Microsoft to anyone who forwarded the letter to others.)
If you don't want to read the New Yorker article, you might prefer MC Frontalot's song about a Nigerian scammer. [lyrics]