May 19th, 2006



So, as I noted earlier in the week, there are a couple of places one can go to in Rhode Island to consume vast quantities of chicken. There's Wright's Farm, which has chicken, french fries, bread rolls, and pasta with sauce, and salad, and which a bunch of SNBers have been to before, and then there's the Village Haven, which I've never been to, and which is similar but also has soup and cinnamon rolls.

Neither is vegetarian-friendly, unfortunately, so I apologize to those who this excludes.

But a few times in the past we've organized Wright's Farm expeditions instead of meeting at Reflections, and I thought it might be time to do it again. So:

When should we go?

Thursday, May 25
Thursday, June 1

Where should we go?

Wright's Farm
the Village Haven
I don't care
(The typical way it works is: we meet up by Reflections, carpool to the restaurant, eat more chicken than is really wise, do the happy digestion dance, then come back home.)