May 25th, 2006

accordion santa


Knitted Penfold is done, although I'm not sure how recognizable he is as Penfold. He's pretty cute, anyway. Pictures will be posted sometime tonight if I remember.

This leaves me with one remaining knitting project at the moment, which is a small denim blanket that I'm knitting because I happen to have a ton of grey denim yarn around. Actually, this reminds me of another thing that I could be making ...

Also completed recently: a couple of secret music projects which will be posted next week. Hmm.

My posts aren't usually this cryptic, are they? I hope not.

knitted vardissakheli

Here are the promised pictures of the knitted Penfold I gave to katylady74 this evening. Woo!

Upon being handed Knitted Penfold, at least three or four people this evening immediately checked to see if he was wearing underwear. (In case you yourself are wondering: He was not.)