June 1st, 2006

accordion santa

Birthday presents!

katrinkles gave me a completely unexpected and astonishingly nice birthday present: some home-made stitch markers.

Stitch markers

Most of these refer to one thing or another that I'm known for in snbprov -- the mudflap girl hearkens back to the penicorn project, the dinosaur to the dinosaur I designed, the airplane to the Lost get-togethers at plant_geek's, etc.

I made a bit of a silly (but hopefully not serious) mistake with the blanket I've been knitting the past week or so, but as soon as I get that straightened out the stitch holders will be put to use, you bet.

Many thanks, katrinkles!
accordion santa

How not to relax

Today was going to be my 'relax and recuperate from giving blood' today. Here's what I ended up doing:

- Got my hair cut.
- Went to the Department of Motor Vehicles and renewed my driver's license. (Will scan in picture when it arrives in the mail, probably.)
- Had lunch.
- Killdevils practice.
- Helped chaos_are_me move into her new apartment.
- Took a shower, took 20 minute nap.
- Went to Reflections, met up with people, went to Wright's Farm.

So maybe not very restful. On the other hand, I feel pretty great right now, so perhaps the subject should actually be 'how to relax'.
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