June 14th, 2006

Van Halen

open mike report

I went to the Tazza open mike tonight, which was fun. This was the fourth time I went there, but it was the first time I remembered to bring CDs to sell, so that was good.

I went on first and, because there were a lot of people who wanted to play, the open mike started a little earlier than expected, around twenty to nine. The result was that chaos_are_me missed my first song (I got to play two songs) and plant_geek missed my entire performance, which was a shame. But we all stuck around and chatted and listened to the acts that followed. One interesting act was a duo; one played a badly out of tune guitar while the other sang sea chanteys. They were spirited enough that the crowd sang along, which is an impressive thing at an open mike!

I ended up selling two CDs, one to plant_geek and one to a complete stranger who we managed to confuse quite badly. (The CDs each have a different label and the labels are designed by different people, one of whom is chaos_are_me, and we may not have done the greatest job explaining this to him.) I wonder what he will make of the CD? Hopefully he will like it.

I ended up playing an original song, 'Lady Luck', and an Irish tune, 'Mick McGuire'. Actually, I went to the trouble of reconstructing the songs I have played at this open mike the four times I"ve been there, so I may as well reproduce it here:

First time: That'll Never Happen No More (by Blind Willie McTell), Big Road Blues (by Tommy Johnson)
Second time: Leaving Home (by Charlie Poole), Waist Deep in the Big Muddy (by Pete Seeger)
Third time: Hybrid Car, Watching Killer Robots Eat Your Head (both originals)
Fourth time: Lady Luck (original), Mick McGuire (?traditional?)

As promised, I bought drinks for both plant_geek and chaos_are_me. Plus some bread pudding for myself.

I think the next time I go will be on Wednesday June 28 (so I can promote the Killdevils show that's happening the next day).