July 4th, 2006

accordion santa


I went to the wedding of my friends Sarah and Meg today. They asked their guests to bring instruments if they wanted, so I brought my guitar and accordion. At one point in the evening, I was playing 'That'll Never Happen No More' on guitar and singing, and my friend from way back Rachel Ede was playing fiddle, and Rachel's fiance Larry was playing guitar, and her old bandmate Bill was playing mandolin, and Pam Murray (who also was the official picture-taker of the wedding) of the Super Chief Trio was playing trombone, and I thought to myself, "This is going to be pretty hard to beat as musical experiences go." (People were laughing at the right places, too.)
accordion santa

Voice Post: OMGWTFBBQ!

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“Hi, I tried posting this before but I think I screwed it up, so here's another try:

Hello, folks, from Providence!
I got a call from Christy a little while ago, who doesn't have internet access, but she said I should spread the word that Jessie and Bob are having a barbecue this afternoon, well, this evening starting at 5PM, and if you want to go, you should. I don't know the address, so I guess if you want to go, you should call Christy or maybe someone can comment with information on how to get there. But, I hope everyone's having a great Independence Day, and I'm hoping I'll see a lot of you either tomorrow or Thursday. So long!”

Transcribed by: sunburn
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Voice Post:

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“Here's a little story about my mother, from earlier today...I, I gave her a call around one or so, um, to talk about coming up to visit, which we had [said] yesterday. She lives up in Worcester. And, so, I said...um, so she said that ah she ah was at Friendly's with my sister and her son, and um, but that they would be leaving, you know, [ ] and I said OK, well. that sounds fine then.

And then she said ah, you know, well, really I don't know if there's any point in you coming up. And I said, oh, ah, why not? Well, you're going to come up, you'll get here what like three, and then how long are you going to stay, really?

And I said, well, I'll yeah maybe I'd come bak down in early evening, you know. She's like yeah. Well, all right, then she says...oh wait, actually, the only reason I actually said that is because I thought you didn't really want to come, and I wanted to give you an out. I said, no no, I'd like to come. Oh well, all right. [ ]

I did go up, and it was a very nice afternoon and all. So, there you have it. I guess that's my story about my mom for the day. And it's quite possible that she'll read this.

Hope everyone's having a good Independence Day. So long.”

Transcribed by: kerri9494