July 12th, 2006



So I'm sitting here feeling hot and bedraggled, thinking about making a dash to the corner store to get something cold, but reluctant to do so because it's raining buckets right now, and a thought suddenly steals into my head: "Didn't I buy some candy and put it in the freezer yesterday?"
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Voice Post:

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“hi. you know how there are hand signals you're supposed to use in traffic if you're driving and your turn signals aren't working or whatever? uh, today while i was driving towards downtown i learned a new one, which i think might only be true in providence. which is if you stick your left hand out the driver's side window and you sort of flap it around and wave, that means that you're about to try to drive into the car next to you. so, that's a good thing to know and i hope that you find this is useful. thanks!”

Transcribed by: katrinkles