September 25th, 2006

Van Halen

to be done today

Today at 1 pm I go to a hearing at City Hall, at the end of which I should have a piece of paper entitling me to play the guitar and accordion on the streets of Providence.
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Most times I go to New Jersey I end up coming home with a lot of books, because there's a very nice used and new bookstore in Montclair and at one point or another I tend to find my way there.

This visit's haul:

- John Brunner: The Atlantic Abomination
- Michael Dibdin: Back to Bologna
- Robert Don Hughes: The Faithful Traitor
- Jasper Fforde: The Fourth Bear
- John Brunner: From This Day Forward
- The Believer: The Games Issue
- James P. Blaycock: The Last Coin
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