October 1st, 2006


billboard mad libs

While I was in New York last weekend, I noticed a billboard which was sort of a rebus: first there was the letter 'I', then a red car, then the word 'you'. I was probably supposed to recognize what kind of a car it was, but I don't really excel at that kind of thing, so it was a bit mysterious to me.

I did try filling in the blank with a few car models to see if I could figure it out. Most make no sense at all, of course: 'I Camry You', 'I Skylark You', etc. I did think of a few which did create meaningful sentences, although I doubt any of these were what was intended:

  • I Escort You
  • I Eclipse You
  • I Ram You
Can you think of any others?
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music this week!

This Thursday, October 5, Chris Monti and I will be playing at Nick-a-Nees with special guest CHRIS TURNER, who is an excellent harmonica player and performer. He'll be playing with us all three sets, I believe.

Some of you may have seen him play at Trinity Brewhouse with Thom Enright and Marty Ballou on Wednesday nights, or you might have just heard of me talking about how much I enjoyed those shows. Or you might have seen him leading the giant, anarchic group of musicians known as the Wholebellies. Or you may have seen him perform in shows at Trinity Rep (he's generally in one of the bands that plays in the 'Christmas Carol' productions each year for instance).

It should be crazily excellent, and I encourage y'all to check it out. And of course you'll get to see CMonti and I, and you'll get to drink cheap beer and eat free peanuts in the bargain. I see no downside!


On Saturday, October 7, there's a sort of all-day musical festival at Nick-a-Nees, and Chris has signed us up for the midnight to 2 am slot. So if you happen to be out and about during those hours, feel free to stop in.

Nick-a-Nees is at 75 South Street in Providence's Jewelry District. Call 401-861-7290 for directions.

(Chris and I will also be playing there again in a couple of weeks, on Thursday, October 19.)

See you all around, I hope!
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