October 13th, 2006


robot roll call

I was poking through my closet looking for my dress shoes (so far I have found one of them) and I came across a grocery bag filled with what turned out to be a bunch of the 'Work is for Suckers' tee shirts I made last year to celebrate a bunch of a.r.k. people coming to town for an ARKPLE (a.r.k. party-like event).

The shirts are all white tee shirts. On them is a drawing I made of a bunch of robots holding picket signs which, taken as a group, say 'WORK IS FOR SUCKERS/ARKPLE 2005'. (I like to think that they are taking a stand against the increased incursion of automation into the workplace, but that may just be me.)

I don't really know what to do with them, so I thought I'd give them away. If you want one, email me at livejournal at jwgh.org. They are available in the following sizes:

- Medium
- Large
- Extra Large

I think these are all men's sizes, but I'm not totally sure as the shirt tags don't seem to indicate one way or another. I have two shirts in each size.

If you don't live in Rhode Island, or don't see me regularly, let me know your address and I'll mail you one.

As long as supplies last!

leaving home

Tomorrow morning (early Friday morning, groan) I'm going to be heading to California for a friend's wedding. I'll be back Monday evening. In the meantime, I will be computerless (and presumably Internetless), so I won't be able to respond to any email until then. (I will bring my cell phone, unless I forget, which wouldn't be entirely uncharacteristic but which would be kind of a problem.)

Have a good weekend! I sleep now.
accordion santa

Voice Post: Hi, I'm in California

453K 2:16
“--flew in this morning--right now I'm driving through Petaluma, and really parts of this, it's like driving through a Grant Wood painting or something. It's just really nice. Kind of rolling hills and little farms, drove past a bunch of cows and stuff. Uh, yeah! The flight out was fine, you know, I had to stop over in Phoenix, and, uh, but the flights, there weren't any delays or anything, so it was pretty direct. I slept and read two books and knitted. On one of the flights, I heard one of the other passengers sing a line from "Total Eclipse of the Heart"; I'm not sure what that was about, exactly. Uh, yeah, but I made it out safely, and, even though I've been kind of stuck in traffic for a while, I'm in a pretty good mood, I think possibly just because I'm no longer in a plane, which was getting kind of old. I'm in a minivan which I rented--and . . . perhaps that's it. Oh, I should say one of the first things I did was get lost: I was supposed to take Route 80 East, because that was the option that took me straight north, which was what I wanted to do; instead, I took Route 80 West and went into San Francisco, which probably addded, like, an hour to my time but was kind of neat anyway, even just to drive through. I ended up leaving via the Golden Gate Bridge, so, yeah, so far so good, considering that I haven't really interacted with any people or seen any of the people that I'm supposed to be visiting. And I guess that's it. Maybe I'll make another phone post at some point or maybe I won't, but I hope that everyone is doing well, and, Providence folks, hopefully I'll see you all next week. Bye!”

Transcribed by: vardissakheli