October 16th, 2006

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Voice Post:

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“Hi. I'm in Chicago at the airport waiting for my connecting flight which should be in about an hour and a half. So I'm just kind of walking around looking forward to getting home again. I should get in around 8 or so, and then my guess is I probably won't want to go right home but instead will go out and get some food, so if by some unlikely chance someone in Providence feels like getting some dinner around 9, feel free to give me a call. The wedding was great; everything was great--excellent trip. I probably will post about it when I get home. Not a lot to do at the airport so I thought I'd make this call. I did get a few tacky postcards here, which will probably be mailed to some of you when I get home, and a book of sudoku puzzles. That's about it. Looking foward to being home. Wondering what's been going on on the Internet since I last checked in, which was a while ago now, and hope everyone is well. Bye.”

Transcribed by: cpr94
accordion santa


and caught up on livejournal, which took some doing!

Also email, but that mainly involved deleting a bunch of spam.

The wedding was great; it was at a sort of ranch/winery/B&B. I took a bunch of pictures.

I ended up not really doing any non-wedding-related stuff, but the trip was a lot of fun, and I would certainly like to go out for a longer visit sometime (probably not until next year though). If I do this, I will give more notice so that I can meet up with folks who live out that way!