October 27th, 2006

accordion santa

break! those! chains! that! bind! you!

OK. cpr94 sent me this video: http://time.blogs.com/daily_dish/2006/10/best_worst_80s_.html (which is Journey's 'Separate Ways', just so you don't get blindsided).

I should just say out front that, as far as I'm concerned, there is one thing that makes this video stand out, namely: Keyboard-On-A-Wall. In fact, I think if this video was entirely Keyboard-On-A-Wall and I would have been happy.

However, there are some other notable things about it, such as:

- An object lesson in why Air Piano never really caught on.
- Hey, let's rent out a warehouse for the weekend and make a video!
- Meaningful looks into the camera.
- The Air Spazzing during the first chorus.
- Man, for some reason I want to buy some 20 right now.
- Oh, it was all a dream! (Or WAS IT????)

Total cost to make this video: $27.75.
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