November 10th, 2006



crazyanimallady, palmitas268, alexandrahawk, and peachcrush came to the Killdevils show last night. Thanks!

The show was fun. The last few times we've played at Nick-a-Nees Chris has been experimenting with new PA setups, and last night was the first time that it really all came together. We did a few fairly new songs, and a few old songs that we haven't done in a while. I had a really nice time.

A couple of musicians that Chris met recently sat in for a couple of songs at the beginning of the third set. They signed up for our mailing list, and when they left later, one of them, Josie Crosby, asked me if I had a mailing list. "Not really," I said. "Well, you should make one, and you should put me on it," she said. So that was a nice little ego boost.
Van Halen

open mike! and other stuff.

I think this Sunday (November 12) I'm going to go to the open mike at AS220. There's a $3 cover, but if you perform you don't have to pay.

Mostly there were musicians and poets last time, including a pair of intentionally-bad musicians who ended their set by saying, 'Thanks! If you enjoyed us tonight, we'll be at the Foxy Lady Thursday night. We won't be playing, but we could hang out.'

My standard offer (that I will buy a drink for anyone who comes to see me play at an open mike) is open. If you think you might like to go, let me know!

There's also an open mike in Seekonk tonight around 7-7:30 pm that I'm thinking of going to, if anyone is interested in that.

Other music stuff coming up:
  • Monday, November 20: The ever-mysterious 'songs of social consciousness' RISA show. I still don't know where and when this is or what it is all about, but we will see.
  • Saturday, December 2: This is Chris Monti's birthday party, and I will be performing with him and my cousin David. We will be playing songs from 'A Ballad Of America'.
  • Saturday, December 9: A solo show at Brewed Awakenings in Johnston (1395 Atwood Avenue). I will be trading half-hour sets with another performer TBA from 8 to 10 pm.
  • Sunday, January 14: Songwriters in the Round at AS220. This is a monthly thing where a group of songwriters are assigned a theme; they then perform the song they wrote on the theme, plus 3-4 other songs. (The audience members at each show vote on the theme for the next one.) The show goes from 7 to 9 pm.
This means that the theme that I will be forced to write a song on will be set at the December Songwriters in the Round thing. That will be on Sunday December 10 if anyone wants to influence my destiny in this regard.
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