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November 14th, 2006


The Narrows

I'm planning on going to The Narrows on Friday to see the Asylum Street Spankers on Friday and then I'm going back on Saturday to see Ollabelle. Is anyone else out there going to either show? If so, want to carpool?

On Saturday I think it would be fun to George’s Root Beer (if they're open) for dinner. (Maybe also on Friday, although it would be a bit more rushed since I get off of work at 6 and the doors at the Narrows open at 7, although the show doesn't start until 8 so it would probably be OK.)
accordion santa

time travelling song

Here's a bit of nonsense.
One fine day after a show I'll got in my time machine,
And I'll went back forty decades just to see what I can seen.
I was walking down the street and I found a bright penny,
So I took it to the market and invested it wisely.

And I came back to the present and I had three million bucks.
(When you've got compound interest then you don't need any luck.)
I'll invest in a research firm to invent time machines,
And in less than sixty months, they'll exceeded all my dreams.

Then I'll take one back to now, and I'll gave it back to me,
And I'll sang this little song that I once had sung to me,
And I think that brings us up to date, excuse me if I'm terse.
I think I'll take my leave and do the things in the first verse.

useful Mac advice: backing up your hard drive

A while ago, tongodeon gave a useful procedure for backing up your hard drive under Mac OS X. I've made use of this advice myself since then, so I thought I would pass along the link in case others find it useful.
bunny ears

djswifty representin'

I figure the recent spate of cute kitten pictures going around means that this is finally time to give djswifty the recognition that is rightfully his: http://djswifty.livejournal.com/139135.html
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