December 6th, 2006


tonight's practice

Today was the first Killdevils practice in a while -- while I've had some practices recently, they've mostly been for the Ballad of America material we played on Saturday with my cousin David.

It was a pretty relaxed practice and, while we didn't do as much playing as we usually do, I think it was good. We started off by discussing what new material we wanted to play on New Year's Eve, which then gradually transformed into a more general discussion of songs we might want to learn in general. Here's the list I wrote down, with songs that we actually played through tonight in bold:

* Smokestack Lightning
* Killing Floor
* Shotgun Guard
* Worried Man Blues
* Werewolves of London
* Heat Wave
* Take the Skinheads Bowling
* Auld Lang Syne
* Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Any More
* Avocados and Beer
* Deep River Blues
* Working on the Building
* The Way You Do The Things You Do
* Hesitation Blues

Then, since I'm going to start playing the accordion at Killdevils shows, I wanted to put together a list of accordion songs we could do. (Not that we would do all of these in a single show.) We came up with this list (which overlaps with the above somewhat):

* Take the Skinheads Bowling
* Auld Lang Syne
* The KKK Took My Baby Away
* She's An Angel
* Avocados and Beer
* Long Black Veil
* Saint James Infirmary
* Ring of Fire

I'm looking forward to tomorrow (Thursday)'s show.