February 16th, 2007

Van Halen

Brooklyn Coffee & Tea show still online

I just checked, and the show I played earlier tonight is still online, so if you missed it and want to give it a listen you can do so by going here: http://www.downcitysignal.com/listen.cgi?brooklynct

I'm not sure how long it will be there; I think maybe until Wednesday but I can't guarantee that. I'm the first performer.

Keith Munslow was also there; he was there to record Serena Andrews, one of the other performers, and he also recorded my set, so maybe when I get my hands on that I'll see which recording sounds better, divide that recording up into tracks, and put them up somewhere. We shall see.

Thanks to christychristy, 0n_the_rox, plant_geek, Mandy, Mike, and Spike for coming to the show!