February 21st, 2007



Woke up this morning feeling crummy, but decided I would start working anyway to see how long I could tough it out -- plus I was supposed to call a customer at 10 am, so I figured I might at least get that out of the way before taking the rest of the day off.

The 10 am meeting got postponed until 11:30, and I still felt less than awesome, so I found someone to cover for me and took the rest of the day off sick. Then I went back to bed.

I was getting the chills, so around noon I got up to turn the thermostat up, put on slippers, and (while I was at it) check my email. I drank a little water and went back to bed.

About thirty seconds later, threw up for the first time since FROST BOB III in February 2003. (There's something about February...) Made it to the toilet first, which was good. Didn't make it to the bathrobe first, so it may be that some of the neighbors got to see a sight which I can't imagine was in anyone's top ten most desirable.

Now it is time to go to bed. I guess I will try to drink a little water first, although that idea makes me a bit nervous.

I was supposed to go meet my mother (and possibly others) up at Wright's Farm tonight, so unfortunately I won't be able to make that.
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Current temperature: 102oF.

Major activity today: Sleep.

Last thing eaten: A cookie acquired at Reflections on Tuesday the 20th around 8 pm or so.

My recollection from a few years ago is that once I started getting hungry again I was pretty much out of the woods. That hasn't happened yet.

katrinkles dropped off some ginger ale and cranberry juice earlier, which I really appreciate it.

I filed for sick days through Friday, which I hope will just about do it.

I've had a low-grade headache a lot, which I think might be related to dehydration, so I'm trying to drink what I can.

It seems pretty unlikely that I'll go to snbprov tomorrow.