March 13th, 2007

accordion santa

bucket of smut

It's fundraising time at WFMU again, which means that once again people have an opportunity to win a bucket of smut:

This year I notice a couple of items in the bucket that I have heard mentioned at my knitting group, including the OhMiBod vibrator (which hooks up to your iPod) and The Cone. (Very educational things, knitting groups.)

So I thought I'd post about this in case anyone's interested.

fantasy baseball

I'm in a fantasy baseball league. Mostly it's teachers at my dad's school, but I usually drag a couple of my imaginary Internet friends in with me. Is anyone interested?

It's done through Yahoo Sports.
accordion santa

Oh, hey.

Last Friday I listened to Wasting Time with Bronwyn C. on WFMU for a little while before going to an open mike in Seekonk. I didn't realize that Bronwyn was back on the air, so it was a pleasant surprise, and I made a little spur of the moment post.

I didn't get to hear the whole show, so I subscribed to the podcast, and after catching up with older shows I finally got around to listening to the end of last week's show today as I was driving back from lunch.

At the end of the show they picked one of the people who pledged during the hour, and it was me -- I won a prize! It's a package of yodeling-related stuff: a book by Bart Plantenga called Yodel-Ay-Ee-Oooo: The Secret History of Yodeling Around the World plus two CDs: The Rough Guide To Yodel and American Yodeling.

How about that?