March 14th, 2007

accordion santa

open mike tonight

I think tonight I might go over to the Brooklyn Coffee & Teahouse tonight for their open mike, if anyone is interested in joining me. (This would also be broadcast live over the Internet!) The open mike's at 8 pm and I would head over around 7:30 pm (in hopes of getting an early slot).

If you're not opposed to the idea of going to an open mike with me tonight, but would prefer it to be someplace where there is alcohol, then I wouldn't mind going to the Tazza Caffe open mike instead. It starts a little later, around 9 pm. It would also be possible to get food there.

Let me know! Standard 'free drink' offer holds.


The Killdevils will be returning to Nick-a-Nees on Thursday March 22. Hooray!

Regarding open mike, things are a little up in the air (as I'm having dinner with a couple of friends), but I still plan to go. Maybe call me if you're interested in joining?
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