August 12th, 2007



New knitted bag is done (except for the felting); will take pictures in the morning, then we'll see what happens when I try to felt the beast.

Bag photos

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As I mentioned earlier, I finished knitting this bag yesterday. It is currently really large, which is nice in a way (you can just throw whatever I want into it -- last night this included a large bottle of water, several balls of yarn, a sock I'm knitting, a music book, a Netflix DVD I wanted to put in the mail, two pie plates, and a pie server), but it is also pretty unwieldy, so I am hoping that it will shrink down a lot when I felt it, which I will probably start doing later today.

The pattern I used is Knitty's French Market Bag pattern, but I made some changes to it. Most obviously, I made the sides much longer (and I made the handles a little longer too). My last knitting bag was also based on this pattern, and the reason I decided to make a new one is that the handles on the old one started to fray a lot, so I decided that the handles on this new bag should be reinforced; I therefore used a combination of this pattern and this one for the handles. (Basically, the latter pattern incorporates a small icord on each side of the strap to make it more resistent to wear after it's felted.)

One of the points of this project was to get rid of a lot of wool yarn that I've had for a while, mostly odds and ends from old projects. From bottom to top I have:

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That about covers it. Whew!
Van Halen

Songwriters in the Round

As some of you might now, I've been booked to play at RISA's Songwriters in the Round show next month, on Sunday September 9 at 7 pm.

Part of the deal is that each month the audience picks a theme for the next month's show, and then the four singer-songwriters who play at that show have to write a song based on that theme. The songwriters who performed tonight had to write a song about "Too Many Hats", for instance.

So tonight I got to find out what theme I have to write about. It is: Absolute Zero. (It beat out "Dumb Blonds", "The History of my Feet", and "Too Many Shoes".) One of the people I was at AS220 with tonight asked me, "What is absolute zero exactly?" I said, "Oh, I think it's, uh, -273.15 degrees Celsius. It's the lowest possible temperature, the temperature at which all motion ceases." Now that I am home I can check my facts before posting nonsense to Livejournal ... huh, guess those high school physics classes stuck with me.

So, we will see what I do with that. I keep thinking of the Sonny Boy Williamson II song "Nine Below Zero", which is about getting kicked out of your house by your girlfriend in the middle of winter when it is nine below, but this theme is pretty far beyond that level.

(Also, Ryan Fitzsimmons, who normally hosts the show, is going to miss next month's, which is too bad, but Frank Martyn is going to guest-host for him. I like Frank a lot, so that is cool.)