September 8th, 2007


skirt completed

With help and materials from kerri9494 and my sister I have succeeded in attaching the zipper to the skirt I was making for my upstairs neighbor Kasey, and now it is DONE. I have a couple of pictures:

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Unfortunately I'm going out of town tomorrow and by the time I get she may have already moved to Ohio, so I might not get any pictures of the skirt being actually worn. (I've put the skirt in a box with a note and have left it on her stairs.) If I do get pictures I'll post them (with Kasey's consent of course).

Man, I hope it fits her.

This leaves open the question of what my next project should be. Right now I'm working on a pair of socks but it is not very inspiring. I'm about to spend a week in Cape Cod with family; maybe I'll bring a bunch of pattern books and see if there's anything I can make for my aunt Ann.
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And I'm off

I'm heading out to Cape Cod for a family vacation, then coming back tomorrow for the show, then heading out again to finish the vacation for the rest of the week (until Friday when I have another show). Phew!
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One last note

As I was leaving my apartment I ran into my upstairs neighbor Kasey, so I managed to get this quick picture of her wearing the skirt:

I'm psyched that it fits so well!