September 19th, 2007


ravelry/knitting note says:
We are now inviting 500-600 users a day!
So that is cool -- with luck I might be in by the weekend, and hopefully any of you who are behind me in the waiting list won't have too horribly long to wait either. (As always, you can use to see where you are in the queue.)

(Yes, I should be in bed.)

I'm making Ezra a hat for his birthday, which is on October 13. He's turning four! I'm using the 'Luggy Hat' pattern from Weekend Knitting (cgoldfish -- this is the pattern I used to make your hat) except instead of hearts or stars I'm going to have red cars. (Ezra really likes the Pixar movie.) I made some of it then had to tear it all out again because it was looking way too big; restarting again with #3 needles (vs. the #6 needles called for in the pattern instructions) seems to be working better.

I'm also working on some chevron socks, but I am feeling a bit bored with them right now. Hopefully a little break from them will reverse this.
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“Hi, this is a message for ___ Fox. In was over at Cookertory(?) and there's been a transformer out on that street so they're out of power. They're not currently open, they should be open in a hr I guess or maybe a little less now since I found out about this quite a while ago. So, I consider your 8:00 so what I'm gonna do is get dinner and then see who shows up and stuff, I put a sign in the door. The owner told me that was ok, so I think basically call me if you can come up and we'll figure out what's going on. I mean I'm definitely still I got all my ___ with me and ready to go for the evening and I think Katie is around some place and I'm not sure who else, you know. So definitely it's still going on but maybe not at ___ at Burgertori(?) but a little later than normal so I guess give me a call before you head over if you've got my phone no. or else come by at 8:00. Certainly hopefully everything will laid by them. Yeah that's it. Bye.”

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Having SnB at Perkatory Coffee Shop on Wednesday nights means that, if SnB goes late, we get to see everyone who lines up to go to Club Hell next door for Fetish Night.

Tonight it was Back to School Night there. Also the temperature was in the low sixties, so we got to see a lot of women wearing very skimpy schoolgirl outfits shivering as they waited to be let into the club.