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October 16th, 2007

head explode

a map of interest

I think this map of the United States deserves a wider audience: http://www.flickr.com/photos/catandgirl/1585186867/

(Apart from the giant trainwreck in the northeast, and the whole Hawaii/Alaska question, doctroid pointed out that they got Michigan wrong. Are there other obvious screw-ups?)
accordion santa

coda to weird dreams

A week ago, I posted about a couple of odd dreams I had. The post said in part:
When the zones were evacuated this guy managed to stay behind, and when some government agents came up into the zones he was horrified to learn that they had brought a suitcase nuclear bomb with them, which they planned to detonate over the largest point of of the beings intelligence to kill it. Even though the being was friendly, they felt that having a giant intelligent being over the Earth was too much of a risk, so they wanted to get rid of it.
Today I received an anonymous comment to that post:
Subject: Suitcase nuclear bombs

Nice Post! I think we have a lot to worry about, however, the US government is doing a lot to protect us as well. Check out this informative article where you can learn more about nuclear terrorists and suitcase nuclear bombs
with a link to a news article from December 2005.

It smells like spam but I'm not sure what the point is. Perhaps it is spamming for the news site? Has anyone else been getting comments like this?
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