October 17th, 2007


terminology poll!

What do you call the thing that is wrapped around my head in my LJ icon?

Möbius strip.
Möbius band.
I am not familiar with either of these terms.

How strongly do you feel about this?


Of course feel free to defend your choices in comments.
accordion santa

wikipedia note

A friend pointed out to me today that there's a guy on Wikipedia who uses my name as his pen name. Which is fine with me, but I'm naturally a little curious as to why.

On Wikipedia, as far as I know, the normal way of communicating with someone is by leaving a comment on their 'Talk:' page. But I've never bothered to figure out the proper formatting conventions for talk pages.

But of course that information should be in Wikipedia, right? I was pointed to this page. However, the page describes three different ways of formatting comments, one of which is deprecated, none of which exactly match what's on Jacob Haller's talk page. (For instance there's a table of contents on the talk page.)

So as usual when I consider doing something on Wikipedia I find that it requires more motivation than I have to figure out how to do it. It's too bad that there aren't any existing simple ways of sending messages between people via the Internet that Wikipedia could have copied.