November 6th, 2007


Fargo note

I've been going on a bit of a Coen brothers kick recently; in the past week or so I've watched 'Miller's Crossing', 'The Hudsucker Proxy', and 'Fargo'. (To round it off I should watch 'Blood Simple' again sometime soon; after that I'll have exhausted all of the Coen brothers movies I own.)

After I watched Fargo again I was thinking about how the movie is intentionally vague as to exactly what Jerry Lundegaard needs money for. I think that I've heard the Coens say in an interview that they always figured he was caught up in some kind of pyramid scheme, which makes sense, but I like to think that Jerry might have been the victim of a 419-type scam (variants of which existed as far back as the 1920s, apparently).


Bought final skein of yarn this morning, but didn't have much time to work on it, so finished blanket about five minutes ago. Off to Worcester to give it to my mother. Would have been nice to have put it through the wash and maybe blocked it a little, but it looks nice enough and will have to do.

Took some pictures but will upload them when I get home.

Worcester ho! I imagine the vote will all be in by the time I get there (if it isn't already).

More later.
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Voice Post

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“I'm not in Muschter(?) yet, but I just got a call from my brother in Magel(?) and he said my mother won what 61% of the vote, so that is pretty excellent, voted turn out was unusually high which is pretty exceptional for District 4, so that's all excellent. So I'm going there, I expect I'll be there at ___ to join the celebration, I don't know how long I'll stay. ___ that's it, bye.”

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